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matt & kim

I’ve loved {in a mega-heart way} Matt & Kim since the first time I saw them food fight “Yea Yeah” style.  Since then their posse of adoring fans has steadily grown thanks to their live shows chock full of infectious enthusiasm and a lil nudity on MTV.

Sidewalks is their first album since the recent {deserved} M&K boom around the sphere and is a hotly anticipated mark to see which direction they take their brand of keyboard+drums+charisma.  Thanks to a few {legit} streams posted around the interwebs, we can all listen to the new effort before it’s official release date of November 22, 2010 on the Fader label {OK, it released digitally on iTunes in October — but I’ve been holding out for my own vinyl copy}.

To hear the new album, go to AOL Spinner, Myspace Music or MSN to listen to Sidewalks from start to finish.

I’ve made it up to the 4th track and I have to say I am beyond impressed.  It’s an evolved version of their virtuous selves. The lyrics are developed and complex while the vocals are layered to offered a more full feel.

I’m *even more* inspired to head to my local Sonic Boom / Easy Street to pre-order my vinyl copy this week. If you’re the type that sticks to internet transactions, you should pre-order from as they are offering a 7″ with the songs “Cameras” b/w “Cameras (Mike D Remix)” (while supplies last).

What do you think of it? Favorite song?