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The new double CD set of singles, album tracks, outtakes, and live songs from the agonizingly adored Vaselines is officially out from Sub Pop (today).

This is a great thing, for on its second disc it has some endearing more obscure material not present on the 19 track collection Sub Pop issued at the hump day of grunge, when Kurt Cobain forced his Aberdeen-born band to cover at least three of the Scottish band's coy and bawdy basement snogging soundtracks.

But even those who have never owned but a compilation track or those covers themselves will find much to delight in, on Enter The Vaselines — from the packaging, which features wonderful interviews with the band/liner notes by Everett True — to the adolescent angst and slacker snottiness of "Dying For It," "Let's Get Ugly," and "Sex Sux (Amen)." Yes, "Molly's Lips" and that Nirvana on MTV complaint about religious types are here too.

Buy now, and prepare for next week, to remember or memorize all the songs, when they will be at Neumos on May 12 to remind everyone about the immortal teenage years of "alternative rock."