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So, we've become fond here at TIG of recapping the goings-on on the NME UK pop charts, but really, how meaningful is it when most of us have no idea who the bands are in the first part? I mean, does it mean anything to you if you read that the number 5 song is by the Garbagemen or Wolfgang Puck & the Amadettes? Anyway, I've decided to undertake a project each week to run down the Top 10 songs on NME and try to listen to every song (and trust me, I've acquried all the songs legally, let me tell you) and try to post a link it on the web too!. So here goes:

  1. The White Stripes – Icky Thump: I think we've beaten the White Stripes to death here on TIG. Oh wait, am I supposed to write more about it? Damn.
  2. The Klaxons – It's Not Over Yet: You can see what I think of the Klaxons. This song is cute enough dance-rock, its catchy and has about as much substance as a rice cracker. Ah, Britpop, you never fail me.
  3. Queens of the Stone Age – Sick Sick Sick: Hasn't been a lot of talk about the QOTSA on TIG – maybe its our inherent bias against manly rock (tee hee). Pretty much what you get is Josh Homme doing what he does best, and for me its "to bore".
  4. Bloc Party – Hunting for Witches: A high point on the increasingly disappointing second Bloc Party album. I liked it when I first heard it, but I rarely find myself wanting to here it anymore – a bad sign. That being said, "Hunting for Witches" is pretty good, especially with all the US immigration rancor.
  5. Jack Penate – Torn from the Platform: Yay! The first non-international star! And guess what? It sucks. It's like UK John Mayer mixed with some heavily processed third-wave ska noise. Maybe a male Lily Allen. Blah! (And Jack sort of looks like a demonic cross between Rivers Cuomo and Ben Gibbard. Weird).
  6. The Wombats – Kill the Director: More jumpy Brit pop-rock with maybe a more like than Penate. It's catchy, but sort of feel like the UK version of US emo/pogo-pop punk (and what's with the Bridget Jones' references?)
  7. Editors – Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors: Echo and the Interpol. Yeah, it's that exciting (not the sarcasm).
  8. Hadouken! – Liquid Lives: Wow, the first few moments made me think I was watching an old EMF or Pop Will Eat Itself video – and I guess I'm not too far off. Klaxons 2.0. Not terrible… OK, no, it is pretty close to terrible.
  9. Rakes – The World Was a Mess But His Hair was Perfect: (Sorry, no video). I was quite fond of the last Rakes album, and pretty much you get exactly what you might expect from the band. Too bad it only entered at #9, the song is a lot better than a lot of the crap ahead of it.
  10. Tokyo Police Club – Your English was Good: Hey, this is kind of fun! It's sooo summer time fun! I mean, it is nothing earth-shattering, but its good, old-fashioned rough-around-the-edges modern rock, maybe like the Cribs. This one I can endorse (and they're Canadians!)

What do you think? Any gems here? Should I keep this up?