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Whew. Sub Pop knows how to throw a good party!

In addition to festivities around town, we got two full days amidst the trees at Marymoor Park, chock-full of roster bands alternating from "This Stage" and "That Stage" in rapid-fire succession. There were the legends and the newbies (some of which, no doubt, will be legends one day, too). There were rockstars milling about the foodcourt and standing in the crowd to catch their label-mates. There were throngs of people, young and old, some clad in throwback SP gear or home made "grunge" attire. And oy, there was the heat.

At Marymoor, we saw 26 bands in 19 hours, with nary much waiting time between sets. The coolest part of the whole thing? All of the bands and comedians participating in the various SP20 events played for free, with the event proceeds divvied amongst each artists' charity of choice. All in all, Sub Pop 20 was probably the best festival I've ever attended. A sleek schedule, a shockingly good lineup, and a stellar time all around.

Day 1:

Day 2:


Happy Birthday, Sub Pop! And many, many more.