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Seattle three piece, Born Anchors, are set to release their first album in April. Titled Sprezzatura, meaning studied nonchalance, the word gives insight into the sound that the band creates on their debut full-length. Comprised of the standard guitar, bass and drums, Born Anchors somehow manage to boil up a sound that is booming and voluminous. Their live set is said to be rather impressive as well. Seattle Weekly's Jonathan Cunningham recently called their performance at El Corazon a "singular version of pop-punk mayhem."

Most of the songs on Sprezzatura are around two to three minutes in length, pushing the group to power pop status, but they have more of a post-punk sound highlighted by some blazing guitar work that could give contemporary bands such as The Editors and Interpol a run for their money. In fact, Born Anchors are creating quite a buzz around Seattle. "In Disguise," from the upcoming disc, was featured as song of the day on KEXP on March 13th, and it is no surprise why. The track resonates with a succinct melody that is both gritty and catchy. Anyone familiar with The Comsat Angels will be able to draw comparisons in musical sound and vocal performance.

"Blinding Light" is another standout from Sprezzatura. The garage guitar sound falls somewhere in between Killing Joke and The Stooges and the rhythm section is given the opportunity to really shine on this track. This material will sound great live;  If the band is half as tight live as it is on record, the crowd will be treated to something special.