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Trent Reznor of a band called Nine Inch Nails – you might have heard of them – has a fun little youtube clip up where he advocates that you steal his music. He got in trouble a few months back for calling his label on the ridiculously high prices of CDs (especially in Australia – $35 Aussie dollars for Year Zero – yikes!) and after seeing no change in prices after the much publicized criticism, he's decided you are better off just stealing the darn thing. Trent is also known for letting his fans download raw music files of NIN songs from his website so they can remix/play with them all they like. Ah Trent, soon enough you'll be free of Interscope and can give it all away (that is if the RIAA lets him back in the country).

{Hat tip to Slashdot for pointing out the lovely Down Under footage}