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{Sean Nelson and Kyle O'Quin / by Hayley Young}

We are incredibly pleased to announce an addition to our (already uber-groovy) holiday party lineup!

Sean Nelson {Harvey Danger, The Long Winters} and Kyle O'Quin {Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground} along with Thomas Hunter and Aaron Benson {Kay Kay / Wild Orchid Children} — who are currently performing under the working title of Temp Score — will be taking the stage second-slot at our party, taking place on Friday, December 16th at Columbia City Theater. You may already be familiar with their new project, which made its Seattle debut during KEXP's Rekyavik Calling showcase at Neumos earlier this fall. We asked Sean to give us a little more on the band, for those who aren't yet familiar:

This will be our second show. It's piano + vocals + bass + drums. No guitars. Fairly up. Rather catchy. Very nimble, mid-'60s-esque, British-influenced piano pop in the Zombies/Kinks/Rubber Soul-era Paul mold, with a few droplets of solo Graham Nash, my usual tablespoon of Morrissey, and maybe a soupcan of pre-rock melodic influence. Mostly it's just pop songs about the usual rock subjects: girls, feelings, blame, regret, suicidal despair, milkshakes cold and long. It's a good band. Kyle is amazing.

The combination of me and him doing the writing, and those three guys (who play together ALL THE TIME) with my very different performance style, makes for a very exciting hybrid of stuff. We're hoping to make a record next month.

As if Heligoats isn't enough of a reason to get there early! Just a reminder: tickets available here, Facebook event page here.

We'll see you  on the 16th!

{Photo by Hayley Young.}