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So remember that Tullycraft covers compilation we mentioned a while back, Wish I'd Kept A Scrapbook? Well, it's done, and will be available for purchase next month. And, you can stream the whole thing on their website! I've been swooning over this all day. (Conflict of interest note: my band, iji, is on this comp, but even if we weren't I'd still be school-girl-giddy about this amazing collection of bands.) This compilation features so many of my crush bands, like Gold-Bears, Fishboy, the Smittens, Bunnygrunt, and Math and Physics Club.


The folks at Unchikun Records have been nice enough to share a few MP3s, so for your listening pleasure, check out two of my favorite songs from the comp, Hot Lava covering "Pink Lemonade" and the Medusa Snare covering "Every Little Thing".


Some highlights:

Galactic Hereos make "Pop Songs Your Boyfriend's Too Stupid To Know About" (in my opinon, one of the most perfect pop songs ever) perfect clean and sparkly indie pop without a hint of snark.

– Both Darren Hanlon and Rose Melberg (in the greatest indie pop duet of this century) and the Besties cover "Our Days In Kansas" (pretty much impossible to choose a favorite), and they each take wonderful ownership of the song. It's also the last Besties track recorded before they broke up.

The Medusa Snare (members of Manhattan Love Suicides) make "Every Little Thing" noisy and shrill and wonderful (download it above!).

The Smittens make "Sweet" sound sexier than it really has any right to be.

The Poison Control Center turn "The Last Song" into a dub jam and it doesn't suck. 

The Special Places (Corianton and Jenny from Tullycaft) have been playing their cover of "Fall 4 U" live for a while, so it's nice to have a recorded version of it. It might even be cuter than the original!


As in the best covers compilations, no one just does a straight cover. Everyone professes their love for the ever amazing Tullycraft in their own special way. Listen for yourself!