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Nothing says "home for the holidays" like those end-of-year spreadsheets at the day job, right? Really though, if you're stuck at a desk for the duration of the week, it really does help to have a little extra jingle in your cube. So, on the heels of Liz's post yesterday, here's a handful of internet-corners that will help to get the jolly in your ho-ho-ho!

An absolute classic, and easy to run in the background while you work, A Charlie Brown Christmas is about as key to the holidays as whatever time of year it was when they used to run The Wizard of Oz on television, commercial-free, and all the kids would watch it in the rec room while the adults smoked cigarettes and drank in the kitchen upstairs and played Pinochole. It's nostalgia-inducing, sweetly familiar, and won't cause one bit of offense to the old dude in accounting across the hall if you happen to turn it up a little bit at your favorite parts!

And in case you missed it earlier this month, Damien Jurado put out a totally killer version of ACBC's signature song, "Christmastime is Here", that you can read all about {and get a download link for} over at the Secretly Canadian site.

Cue super-adorbs kid's choir in the making-of video above. <3!

Thanks to the magic of of all things online, you can also watch the entirety of 1964's claymation / stop-motion spectacular, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. We searched fervently for The Year Without a Santa Claus as well, but it seems to be out there in movie-snippet form only. All the more reason to buy these on DVD for your permanent collection! Heat Miser!

PS, if you can squint past the Budweiser intro ads, The Onion's AV Club has a pretty killer series of videos up too, including David Bazan + Band covering Low and John Darnielle's take on "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas". If you go directly to their site {here} and scroll down below the text in the post, there's just shy of a dozen holiday songs, including contributions from Wye Oak, Dawes, and more.

Happy Holidays!