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Because I spend a good chunk of my free time watching movies, I honestly don’t listen to a lot of stuff on the radio or research large purchases of albums before hitting up Sonic Boom. It’s cool though, because that’s exactly what my boyfriend does.

Typically he picks up anywhere between 4-20 discs a trip, most of which are things that give me an immediate headache (read: heavy metal), but the fun lies in finding which ones he thinks I might actually go for, listening to them together, and hey! Sometimes actually liking them. Thus I thought I’d share what does strike my fancy with you, fellow Imaginaries—because there’s so much good music out there it’s impossible to hear it all.


Recently I plucked Mini Mansions out of his pile o’ discs and was pleasantly surprised. Described as “baroque, gothic, and psychedelic”, you might think they’re a little weird, but I dig the vocals and the catchy beats—and there’s something about them that envelops me in warm waves of 70s & 80s nostalgia. Plus, they have a bunny on their album cover. HELLO! Check out their video above for “Kiddie Hypnogogia” (just don’t ask me about the tentacles…) and see if you agree.