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Hall & Oates covers and Heather Hydra turns 30

This Saturday at the Sunset is going to be off the Maneater hizzay as some of Seattle’s brightest take the stage to celebrate Hall & Oates and our dear {imaginary staffer and all around indie-queen} Heather Hydra’s birthday!

Will there be fluffy Oates mustaches aplenty in the Sunset at the show? The scent of Aquanet wafting from the bathroom? Have we all been practicing our clapping to replicate the tight synth of “Private Eyes”?  Fingers crossed / possibly / I hope so!

I *do* know that bands like Ships and Pony Time and as well as members of Police Teeth, Racetrack, Your Heart Breaks and many more will be taking the stage to tackle the multiple-decades catalog of a band that defined 1980’s {and for some, the 1970’s} for many a feathered-hair folk.

To get us in the mood, here’s a little Rich Girl {she’s a B!T*H girl!!!} for us all: