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They’re from Vermont and they’re playing SXSW at the Galaxy Room on Thursday, March 18 in the Sub Pop/Hardly Art showcase. So what does that have to do with you and me? Well, I nominate the song above, “Subliminal Message” as my first beloved Song Of The Summer.

I know it’s barely even technically spring yet, but the gob-stopper gnawing candy pop thrill of Kyle Thomas from the gritty King Tuff swapping musical spit with Chris Weisman and Ruth Garbus is yum yum. “Subliminal Message” may not have a real video yet, but it’s been making my iPod hum for two weeks now.

Sub Pop is so happy with this latest signing they’re streaming Happy Birthday’s self-titled full length.

Garbus is a musician and artist who for HB takes on the task of the drummer; four track experimenter and inverted tuning instrument playing Weisman handles the bass; and now is the time to start following whatever Kyle Thomas, Top 40 and comic book fan and singer-songwriter for the group, does.

Happy Birthday started off as a one-off night at a now-gone punk club to have some fun. Last summer he released a collaboration with members of Witch and Feathers titled King Tuff Was Dead, recommended to me by Seattle tastemaker Travis Ritter when he worked at Sonic Boom. He saved a copy for me as I was just heading to the Capital Hill Block Party, and it became my favorite new vinyl last summer. And now I have Happy Birthday! It’s going to be a great summer.