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It’s that time of year again… SXSW is upon us! I wasn’t able to gather the necessary resources to head down there myself, so I’m looking forward to spending the next four days living vicariously through all of you headed Austin-ways.  I know that your hands (and days) will likely be full of free stuff (beer) and running into your band heros, but keep the twitters and flickr feeds full with your adventures!

I must admit, to protect myself from getting too depressed about missing this year’s fest, I haven’t kept extremely close tabs on who is playing where and when and what gift bags will be circulating. But, I have found two things that I’m particularly sad to miss this year.  If anyone hits these events, definitely report back (heck, whatever you see, feel free to report in!):

  • 1. The world premiere screening of the film Strange Powers – Stephin Merritt and the Magnetic Fields
  • 2. The undeniable indie-pop fest going on at Waterloo Bicycles (so many bands I’ve wanted to see in one place!)
  • 3. The special guest duets that sneak up on you… one in particular I’ve heard a rumor about is the teaming up of a Fratelli and Colin of Mull Historial Society. Billy Bragg is there this year and I *know* he’s going to join someone on stage. I just know it!

May the YouTube powers be with everyone down there!

Needless to say, you SXSW-ers are going to have a great time. I guess I’ll make up for all that I’ll miss by looking back and trying to relive some of my favorite adventures of SXSWs past:

  • 1. Matt & Kim interview, with legos and a dorky interviewer
  • 2. Los Campesinos! interview, in a hot tub with an interviewer who shouldn’t have worn a hoodie
  • 3. Chasing down Running into Owen Wilson
  • 4. The time Dana chased down ran into Amy Winehouse
  • 5. Everything else I’ve seen / done at SXSW, especially the hootenanny

What are your favorite SXSW memories?

We’re all at SXSW in our hearts!