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All day Saturday, two other Portland based photographers I was hanging out with kept telling me about how much the loved No Age. Stories, stories, stories! From tales of late night carpools home from shows to talk of house parties, I heard it all. Naturally, all this chatter left me really excited to see the Los Angeles duo Sunday afternoon.

I didn’t know any of the band's songs, so hearing these guys anew amongst all the Sub Pop bands I’ve spent hours with on my iPod over the years was refreshing. Their sound is punchy and dancy and possesses all the right grooves to get you going good.

Randy Randall’s occasionally punkish guitar work held up wonderfully next to Dean Spunt’s intense drumming. Their set was loud, fast, and fun. Damn, Sub Pop makes it hard to dislike rock music.

I was told that No Age’s shows are usually a bit more adventurous that what was seen at Sub Pop 20, but for an introduction, I was pretty impressed with them. I particularly enjoyed when Dean kept drumming after Randy tossed his guitar on his snare. Upon meeting them backstage, they were totally enthusiastic and friendly. I had the opportunity to take a couple shots while sharing ice cream backstage after their set. They couldn’t be more fun! All I have to say is that I’m definitely looking forward to the show these guys are going to be playing with Mudhoney in the KEXP parking lot on July 23rd.