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I'm definitely feeling a bit beat down today. Yesterday's lineup and fast pace had me on the go, go, go for hours on end. Today seems a little subdued all around, though. There's the slower Sunday pace for sure, and truth be told, this day's lineup doesn't have me as psyched as Saturday's.

Fortunately, Chicago's Red Red Meat, fronted by Tim Rutili (who later went on to form Califone), worked like a magic salve in the building afternoon heat. Their songs, straddling the line between alt-country and dirty, bluesy, psychedelic punk, carried us gracefully through their 40-minute set. Though admittedly I hadn't listened to RRM prior to this week, in prep for their SP20 show, I enjoyed the set and envision relaxing to more of their tunes as the summer saunters onward.

Especially lovely today were the languid wafts of guitar and hypnotic beats layered by Rutili's husky voice, a mix of Jay Farrar and Mark Kozelek. One particularly lullaby-ish percussion rhythm then lapsed into a feedback- and percussion-laden jam session that extended for the better portion of another 'song.'

It's been about 11 years since the true end of Red Red Meat. Judging from the crowd's appreciative response, it's been much 11 years too long. Glad they, as well as so many legendary bands, could be here for SP20.

(Make sure to also read Estey's blog for KEXP on Red Red Meat. He's got some good tidbits!)