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Seattle, WA, May 13, 2004 — You've seen William Hung sing 'She Bangs' and George W. Bush sing 'Gay Bar.' But have you seen Sean Nelson sing 'Like a Virgin?'

You could., "Seattle's sparkly indie-pop press," will be hosting a Rockstar Suicide Karaoke Silent Auction Bash on Thursday, June 10, 2004 at the Crocodile Café to celebrate their second anniversary.

The night will feature rockstar performances by local artists and celebrities, including members of Harvey Danger, the Catch, Kuma, the Spits, Kane Hodder, Fey Ray, XXX Audio, Radio Nationals, the Fastbacks, American School of Warsaw, Black Nite Crash, the Malinks, Jet City Fix, Slomo Rabbit Kick, and Tennis Pro, as well as KEXP DJs Quilty 3000 & Darek Mazzone, photographer Charles Peterson, Joan Hiller of Sub Pop Records, Chris Olsen from, Carla DeSantis from ROCKRGRL magazine, and Pete Hilgendorf & Ben Heege of Blue Disguise Records.

The trick to suicide karaoke? The rockstars can't practice their songs beforehand. It's up to show-goers to decide what songs each rockstar performs via a silent auction. Once the auction ends, each rockstar takes the stage, and performs whatever song was chosen by the bidder. Auction winners will also receive gifts from the karaokers, such as signed CDs, posters, t-shirts, and other merchandise.

"Anyone who attends can bid on the song each rockstar will sing. Last year, the Pale ended up singing 'Roxanne' (The Police). I think it's one of the best things I've ever heard," sighed imaginary girl Liz.

"And hearing Erik Blood from the Turn Ons sing Journey's 'Open Arms' was a very close second," added imaginary girl Char.

KJ extraordinaire Biff Moss will host the event, and promises even more excitement. Biff is an experienced auctioneer, so expect live auctions. And best of all, his system has the capability to plug in electric guitars. Yes. The rockstars will be able to bring their own guitars (or guitarists) to fake along with their karaoke performances. Experts predict karaoke will reach such great heights.

As if you needed further incentive, the Imaginary Karaoke parties always tend to attract surprise guests, including Vendetta Red's Zach Davidson and the Posies' Jon Auer (both of whom unexpectedly took the stage at their Buttrock Karaoke contest last summer).

"I'd highly suggest getting there early to get a spot in the karaoke rotation," said imaginary girl Dana. "How often do we all have the chance to sing onstage and through the amazing sound-system at the Crocodile? Everyone sounds amazing. Well, almost everyone does…"

Three Imaginary Girls are no strangers to the Seattle rock scene. During the past two years, the girls have reviewed hundreds of live shows and CDs in Seattle and beyond. They also book local music showcases, and have hosted various rockstar karaoke events, such as their Labor Day buttrock karaoke party, their Silly Love Songs Friday the 13th Pre-Valentine's Day Bash, and an indie-rock holiday party that raised hundreds of dollars for local charity,

WHAT: "Rockstar Suicide Karaoke Silent Auction" Bash!
WHERE: Crocodile Café, 2200 2nd Ave.
WHEN: Thursday, June 10, 2004. Doors open 8p. Open Karaoke immediately thereafter.
COST: Only $5.