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If I believed in “guilty pleasures”, I would have no problem saying The Veronicas were a guilty pleasure.

But I don’t, at least not during the eleven months of the year that Girl Scout Cookies aren’t sold.

Rather, we’ll just have to say The Veronicas are a fine band that I really enjoy. They’re the type of band that when you read that they are touring with Kelly Clarkson (as they are this fall), you think “this makes sense and it’s perfect”.

They are identical twins, Lisa and Jessica Origliasso, from Australia who make catchy-as-hell bubblegum pop. They are superstars in their home country but haven’t quite broken here. Their sound is a little poppier and more electronic update of The Donnas. They probably fit well on iPods that make a lot of room for Clarkson, Pink and Avril Lavigne, but that shouldn’t be taken as an insult (and I certainly don’t mean it as one).

The Veronicas are touring in support of their latest album, Hook Me Up, mostly on the strength of their brilliant single “Take Me on the Floor”. Of course, they’re songs are aggressive sexually and they have the photogenic looks of models but the songs are so irresistably catchy that it’s irrelevant. Structually, “Take Me on the Floor” resembles Clarkson’s massive (and perfect) hit “Since U Been Gone”. It starts out with with slow, drawn-out harmony before a huge chorus builds. It’s a pop gem whose hook takes effect almost immediately.

Take the preceding paragraphs for what they’re worth. If you’re a poptimist who values hooks above almost everything else (as I do), this is the show of the weekend. Or so I hope.

You can listen to “Take Me on the Floor” below: