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I know in this age of streaming movies, mail delivery, and video on demand, it's tough to find people who still make a habit of going to their local video store to actually, you know, RENT physical DVDs. Coming from the VHS era, in which this girl's life was saved, enhanced, and made more interesting by her next-door rental joint, I still make a point to walk over to the Video Isle near my house every once in awhile in hopes that video stores will stick around for awhile longer. 

Saturday, 10/15, is officially Independent Video Store Day, which is the perfect excuse for you to get off your ass couch and head to the store nearest you to browse the aisles and find something awesome. And Scarecrow, the grandaddy of ALL video stores in Seattle, is also celebratin' with sales and events — and donating a portion of their pre-paid rental sales to REEL GIRLS. I spent many days of my Senior HS year skipping classes (no wonder my GPA was so low…) and digging into the rows and rows of tapes at Scarecrow, so they have a special place in my heart.

You should swing by from 11am-midnight and check out the following: 

50% off their entire inventory of used Blu-rays, DVDs, VHS, and Laserdiscs
$3 off new DVDs & Blu-rays for sale
Movie recommendations from the Seattle Film Community (TIG's will be there too! just sayin') 
Drawings for prizes: 50 free rentals, a theater rental at Grand Illusion Cinema, prize packs from Criterion (!!!), Kino, Zeitgesit Films, and more
Pre-paid Rental Sale: Get 10 rentals for $35, which saves you $10. Scarecrow keeps track of what you've used, and they never expire. 

So, I'll see you there, right? You'll probably be able to find me in the horror section, lamenting my lack of a region-free DVD player…