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Want more singer-songwriter in your life, without the inevitable side of snore-town? Of course you do. If you're anything like us, you need any "quiet" / non-pop music you take in to be served up fresh with a heaping helping of achy and/or haunted, preferably laden with the stuff that heartstring-tuggings are made of — and that's exactly what you'll get if you take a listen to Downpilot. Are you listening to Downpilot? If you're not {or haven't in the past}, you really ought to. And if you're going to do it, why not do it live? Of course, you can take a listen to their internets over here — but keep on reading, because if you're free tonight, you really should go check out their show!

The band is made up by an array of local notables, led by core members Paul Hiraga and Jeff Brown — who will be getting together TONIGHT in Ballard to celebrate the release of their latest full-length, New Great Lakes. They'll be joined by Andy Roth, Anne Marie Ruljancich, and Rebecca Young. And the best part? Tonight's gathering is one of those super-rad, hosted by friends, pay-what-you-can donation-at-the-door jobs where everyone hangs and gets to have a good time in a great setting. Things get going around 8 with Jake London opening, and you can find out more about everything at the Facebook page for the event right on over here.

Sold? Awesome! We'll see you at the show!

{Photo courtesy of the Downpilot Facebook page.}