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Here's a little secret about my iPod: I have so burned down so many CDs pre-distribution for review — especially by local bands — that I'm disturbing unfamiliar with an astonishing percentage of my playlist; it's filled with tons of "I really need to spend some time with this record" songs, awaiting my ears. When we podcast Say Hi to Your Mom for the October 2006 AstroPOP podcast, I happily burned down the Impeccable Blahs CD, loving the track we picked for the podcast (called "Blah Blah Blah"). But I must confess: this is my first time hearing "Sweet Sweetheart Killer."

And it's a delight! This song is a bouncing little indie-pop jam, with an infectious chorus of "a sweet sweetheart killer," that made my head spring into bobbing action even in my pre-caffeinated state this morning. Why oh why have I waited so long to explore Say Hi to Your Mom?? This seems a positive omen for the day, the week even. Perhaps it's time to take small chances on something new, to explore forgot projects, to expand my horizons? That's what I'm gonna hold onto.


{Erik will be back to iPod Roulette tomorrow morning. He's spending the day in Monterey, away from his iTunes library. Send him an email and tell him you miss him.}