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The dark swagger of Elisa Ambrogio's voice just calls out to the dirty rock girl in me. She sounds tough, like she'd scoop out your eyeballs, affix them to a canvas and call it art. Magik Markers have been a prolific duo (formerly a trio). Putting out multiple CDrs and vinyl-only records as well as four full length studio released albums, Pete Nolan and Elisa Ambrogio just don't quit.

"Taste," a track off of Boss, their newest on Ecstatic Peace (Thurston Moore's label), is comfortably sexy. Elisa almost approaches a husky blues delivery on this one, making the easy turn from magnificent yelps to dirty seductress. The eternal sounds of Sonic Youth are definitely represented here, Elisa often coming off as the grimier kid sister of Kim Gordon. But Magik Markers are more about experimenting than delivering giant indie rock thrashers. Magik Markers just sound dark and dirty. Their albums feel like foreshadowing, alluding to some mysterious or tragic event. In a much more sinister world you might possibly call it cinema music.

Contrary to a lot of the previous Magik Markers output, Boss consists of snippets of music that one might call songs (gasp!). Though they're less expiremental and more structured, the whipping brutal structure is still there. "Taste" is volatile and true to form, fleshing out their stream-of-consciousness approach.

Noise rock from Hartford, Connecticut has never sounded so good.