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It's that time of year again! After a somewhat of a non-summer, we're about to turn the corner and embrace all things Autumn: apple-picking, sweater-wearing, breaking out our favorite boots and spending cool evenings bundled up on the back porch, sipping warm libations and playing our favorite records. And of course, what's fast becoming one of our favorite cool-weather traditions: ushering it all in at the annual Cider Press at the Corson Building, a benefit for Teen Feed.

This year, Teen Feed will be hosting not only the physical pressing of the cider on the gorgeous grounds of the Corson Building, but also presenting music from Shelby Earl, fairweatherfrnd, and Big Crinkly Trio. A donation of $30.00 gets you into the event, complete with entertainment, a bottle of cider, and a 'light buffet' of delicious proportions. (If you've ever had a chance to take on the Corson Building fare, you know the deliciousness of which we speak!)

Everything gets going next Sunday {October 9th} around 2pm. Here's some photos from last year to jog your memory — it was truly a gorgeous afternoon! Starring the wonderful weather, Greg Vandy, and the Maldives:

{Cider Press 2010 / by Victoria VanBruinisse}

{Cider Press 2010 / by Victoria VanBruinisse}

{Cider Press 2010 / by Victoria VanBruinisse}

While we're on the subject of Teen Feed, and while we have your attention — TF will be hosting their annual celebration this Sunday {yep, October 2nd} over at the Neptune Theater. And if you've ever been interested in what, why and how of everything that goes on at this wonderful organization, you may as well come and learn yourself a little bit about it with some lunch, speakers and community spokespersons at our favorite University District venue.

From Megan Gibbard, TF's Executive Director, on what this love's got to do with our imaginary world:

"Teen Feed has such tremendous support of the community… and much of the music community in particular.  School of Rock, Noise for the Needy, local artists who perform at the Corson Building Cider Press each fall — it is my belief that many Seattlites who identify with the music scene here also identify with the tough years of adolescence. [So] it's not a stretch that the experiences of youth on the streets would resonate."

We couldn't agree more, and hope to see you at both events! This Sunday's event at the Neptune is free, but it goes without saying that any size donation you'd like to make will be warmly and graciously accepted.

{Photos from last year's cider pressing at the Corson Building by Victoria VanBruinisse.}