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Welcome to Mergefest, Northwest edition. We’re so unbelievably giddy about this show, we can hardly contain our little imaginary selves. From the moment this show was announced, we’ve been ticking off the days on our imaginary calendars, waiting and waiting for the magic that will occur the night of October 14th at Showbox at the Market, when the reverby swoonful magic of Teenage Fanclub will meet the crunchy and masterful indie rock of Superchunk, supported by our own hometown indie pop hereos Telekinesis. It’s gonna be amazing.

On top of that amazement, all 3 bands will be touring new material! Teenage Fanclub just came out with the fabulous Shadows, which our own Chris Estey adored, stating of the track “The Fall” “Like with many great Teenage Fanclub songs, it creeps in the background till you remember what poured the Scotch into the Scotch-taped remnants of your own multi-shattered heart.” Superchunk have the ever anticipated Majesty Shredding coming out in September, and Telekinesis are working on a new record right now. I’m sure we’ll hear the hits we all want to hear, but we’ll also be treated to some new stuff as well.


And, to celebrate, here’s a video from each band:

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