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If there is justice in the rock world, and accolades and sales go to those who truly deserve them, Tegan and Sara will own this year. With So Jealous, the third release from this Canadian twin sister duo, Tegan and Sara firmly establish themselves as visionary talents poised not only to contribute to the sound of their time, but to help define it. Lush, perfectly layered, and marked by driving, euphoric beats, this is truly an outstanding record.

Several qualities stand out on this disc, but front and center are the songs themselves. Laden with innovative hooks, both vocal and instrumental, these songs are catchy to the nth degree, yet complex enough to stay fresh after numerous listens. It is power pop with a rock edge; lilting, harmonic, and anchored with an epic, anthemic feel. At the heart of each song, of course, are the gorgeous vocals of Tegan and Sara. Simultaneously tough and sweet, their voices tangle and slide in harmony so perfect it can only be a result of shared DNA.

Backing them up are T and S regulars Rob Chursinoff and Chris Carlson, as well as Matt Sharp of Weezer / Rentals fame. Tegan and Sara handled production themselves this time, aided by John Collins, David Carswell, and Howard Redikopp (New Pornographers), and the results are exquisite. The sound is big, with a crystalline quality that flows throughout. There are hints of the retro in the overall sound, with some 70’s arena-rock swagger and touches of mid-80’s synth, but the resulting mix is surprisingly new and absolutely now. A breakthrough album certain to catapult Tegan and Sara to wider fame, So Jealous is a mature, confident, and completely compelling effort. O Canada!