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We have a lot of fun in store at this year’s Imaginary Winter Holiday Spectacular {December 23 at Chop Suey}. We’ve lined up a posse of sassy Christmas Belles (perfect photo opp for a holiday card), amazing huge raffle prizes up for grabs (a free raffle ticket for everyone who comes through the door!) and performances by five of the best bands in Seattle: The Redwood Plan, Wallpaper, the Nightgowns, Skeletons with Flesh on Them, and The Special Places

But, we need your help to put the jingle in our step: We’re looking for a couple volunteers to share their most memorable holiday moment, be them hilarious, surprising, or (especially) embarrassing.

Tell us about the time you accidentally ended up making out with the drive-thru guy when you were sent out to pick up more eggnog or read that holiday form letter sent out to all the loved ones by your Aunt Trixie a couple years ago… the one where she talked about her rash and “the incident”? That one was a doozy!

If you’ve got a short story to tell or memory you’d like to recount for the class, email me at [email protected]. We’ll be sorting through all submissions leading up to the show and coordinate with the “most memorable” entrants. Everyone who takes the stage to share will get free entry to the show and a special imaginary prize.

Really, getting up on the Chop Suey stage, sharing your tale and toasting (or getting toasted because of) the holiday? There’s no better way to celebrate than that.


{Thanks for the photo yalehneb}