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Never has a song seem to be in direct contradiction of it’s title as Galaxie 500’s brilliant “Temperature’s Rising”. It is hard to imagine any situation where a Galaxie 500 song would be appropriately described as having high levels of heat, so unless “Temperature’s Rising” is describes the thermodynamic moment when matter goes from Absolute Zero (thats -459F for the kids at home) to, well, above that, it seems that Galaxie 500 is much more fitting to be playing songs like “Listen, the Snow is Falling” than a song about raising the kinetic energy of any system. That being said, the song itself is great from the hey-day of Galaxie 500, Today. Dean Wareham, whom you might recognize also from Luna and Dean & Britta, delivers some of the most pleasant and drifting vocals this side of chant and the layers upon layers of guitars – it is a veritable string-strumming lasagna here – are so finely textured that you wonder how they got all the atoms in the music to align so precise (a very tiny microscope maybe?) I don’t think I’ve had much more satisfaction from a purchase than I had when I dug a copy of Today (on cassette no less) from the discount bins when I was in junior high. Since then, I’ve spent many an evening lost in the depths of Galaxie 500 and even if the name implies something with more particle motion, “Temperature’s Rising” is a catalyst for anyone who wants to get themselves into the band.