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I'm stuck at jury duty today. They've warned us about 376 times that we will be doing a lot of waiting.

First we wait for our group to be called (we don't know what group we're in) and we'll wait once our group gets called. And if we don't get selected for jury duty with our group, then we have to come back to the jury waiting area to wait to possibly get called again with a different group.

I've been here since 8.30a this morning and they just called the first group of potential jurors. The good news is the waiting area is on the 12th floor of a brand new downtown building so I have a beautiful view of West Seattle, the waterfront, and Beacon Hill. Also wonderful, they have wi-fi and complementary tea and hot cocoa.

Sure, it's a lot more comfortable than waiting to be in the audience of Wheel of Fortune or The Price is Right (which involved standing outside in line for 8 hours), but, truthfully, it's also a lot less glamorous than either of those too.

With all this time to wait, the natural inclination is to think about all the stuff going on 'out there' and plan my precious moments once I am free to go about my business… and think about the new White Stripes album and tour.

The only thing is… I'm going to have to WAIT for that too. They wont be here until Wednesday and Thursday, September 26 & 27! And their new album doesn't release until NEXT WEEK!

The details:
Their September 26th and 27th shows are going to be their ONLY stops in the Northwest on the tour!

They will be touring with Cold War Kids and both shows will be at the fancy schmancy Paramount Theater (all ages).

Tickets will go on sale THIS SATURDAY, June 16 at 11 AM (PST) at all Ticketmaster outlets including the Paramount Theatre Box Office.

Icky Thump, their sixth full-length album, releases on June 19th!