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I was in Linda's the weekend before last, having some biscuits and gravy and listening to some very cool Trip Rock that reminded me of the final cut on the latest Transmissionary Six album Cosmonautical — the unearthly long epilogue looping the finale, "Your Holland Code."

Turns out that mix was done by Graig Markel's and Joe Patterson's new joint, The Animals At Night, and they have teamed up with Nabil Ayers, Daniel G. Harmann, Zera Marvel, Trent Moorman (Head Like A Kite), and others for an equally eerie and radiant new CD, Rain Falls On Asphalt.

The Animals At Night will be playing the record release at Nectar tonight (4/16) in Fremont, along with Obelus, Gel-Sol, and even (their debut being one of my favorite records in 2006) Head Like A Kite themselves. All this for only $7, starting at 8 PM.

Copies of the album will be given upon payment to get inside the club, and Harmann, Marvel, and Paul Austin and Terri Moeller from TM6 will be performing with The Animals At Night as well (hint: they want to deprogram you). The songs from the record are adventurous and pleasurable enough to be compared to the Thievery Corporation's Richest Man In Babylon or Massive Attack's Mezzanine.

Punk and folk veteran Markel claims it's one of the very best things he's done, and all I know is, it sounds great when you have a hangover, and that's lofty praise from me.

I didn't make it to Kaylee Cole after the Pop Con like I desperately wanted to (damned brain sucking Pop Con) but I ain't missing this!