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April is Donte Parks' birthday month and he's celebrating his "I Ain't Dead Yet Mutha*%&#* Dirty Thirty Extravaganza!" along with Truckasauras and Sleepy Eyes of Death at Neumos on Wednesday. Go already; the show is free, it is hump day, and honestly now, you've got nothing better to do, right?

Besides, Truckasauras and Sleepy Eyes of Death on the same bill is intriguing.

You really should try to catch Sleepy Eyes of Death live: they make magic with lights, fog, and sound. I liked the group enough to pick up their CD at the recent Chop Suey show. Although their dreamy-drifty style is cool, for me their songs work better when playlisted on the iPod rather than listening to the CD start to finish. Still, it is good stuff, and powerful in a live setting.

Truckasauras is gaining traction around town. They offer danceable music accompanied by found footage of retro wrestlers and tv shows, plus lots of knob twiddling, keyboard playing and beat making. What's not to love about that?

One final reason to get out on hump day: You can wish Mr. Bug in the Bassbin (The Stranger) a happy dirty thirty. He ain't mutha*%&#* dead yet.