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Musical shenanigans will be afoot when a local band, Awesome, brings their sound to the theatrical stage. New shows each weekend cover topics anywhere from post-election recovery to Big Bang theory.

Chapter I. (Oct 24 – 25), "Seven Brides for Seven Band Members": "Awesome" workshops its version of an American classic. Bless your beautiful hide!

Chapter II. (Oct 31 – Nov 1), "A Funeral For Indie Rock": Every generation of critics declares Rock to be dead. This time we've got the corpse to prove it. Come mourn and celebrate the passing of an important part of our heritage.

Chapter III. (Nov 7 – 8), "Election Report and Analysis": "Awesome" helps you understand how the unthinkable occurred and why we're so happy about it.

Chapter IV. (Nov 14 – 15), "The Littlest Bang": This weekend, "Awesome" finally answers the age old question, When the universe finally collapses into itself, only to be reborn again in a new Big Bang, does it actually make a sound? More importantly, will drinks be served at this cataclysmic event? You bet.

Awesome's performances will use banjos, typewriters, trumpets, film strips, guitars, live illustration, accordions, and whatever else they dig out. Probably a kitchen sink. Something else to twitter about: the second show is going feature Sean Nelson (Harvey Danger) as a guest musician/euologist.

There are three shows each weekend, each is all ages. Tickets run $15 a pop with discounts if you show last week's ticket stub. But o to be a teenager again: they get in for a song at $5 each.