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I just got back from a lovely vacation hanging out with my Happy Happy Birthday to Me buddies Afternoon Naps, Bearsuit, and Cars Can Be Blue in beautiful Lakewood, OH (reviews, photos, and a Cars Can Be Blue interview coming soon!).

Upon exiting the plane and turning on my phone, I had a message from my friend Kyle (of Hat Company fame) saying "Hey Keenan, it's Kyle, I just left the Elephant 6 showcase in Columbus. It was rad. I hung out with Jeff Mangum for about an hour and I have the myspace photos to prove it. Tell that to Three Imaginary Girls!".

By the time I got home it was late, I'd been traveling for 10 hours, and I didn't bother checking the internets to see what had happened, but this afternoon was e-mailed this Stereogum link from a friend with video of the happenings in Columbus and Pittsburgh.

I'm currently at work and cannot watch the videos, but enjoy! I definitely wish I'd stuck around in the state of Ohio for an extra night!