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I've been meaning to post something about this for a couple of weeks now, but I am thoroughly enjoying Funplex, the first proper album from the B-52s in 16 years.

The album sounds exactly like you would expect a B-52s record to sound – it's a dance/pop/rock party with no pretension or inhibitions.

The first single is the title track and it tackles how superficial and commerical malls are ("Fashion frenzy gets me higher and higher; no willpower and my wallet's on fire") yet they even make shopping sound fun while mocking it.

Fred Schneider is a national treasure. For every party I throw in the future, his name will be on the guestlist in permanent ink. Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson both sound and look great. They are both over 50 (Pierson turns 60 in about 3 weeks) and they are hot hot heat by any measure. Still, what makes the B-52s great is that, to them, age is irrelevant. They certainly look like they're having as much fun now as they ever have.

The other songs I'm really loving right now are "Hot Corner" and "Ultraviolet".

I just saw on Craig's List that someone is asking $300 for a pair of tickets to their sold out show at the Showbox on May 6. It will take an awful lot more than that to get me to part with mine.

Here's the video to "Funplex":