Three Imaginary Girls

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Maybe if you didn't have enough sticky-sweet pop with Dylan Mondegreen, you can always turn to Club 8 to really get your pop on. The album is filled with enough gentle pop to choke a mule, although I suppose you wouldn't really even want to choke a mule with the sort of dreamy melodies that the band creates. This is the sort of music I remember from my college days as the definition of "indie pop," as it really is pure pop music, no if ands or buts.

"Whatever You Want" has handclaps, glorious melodies, swirling guitars, and Karolina Komstedt's heart-melting vocals. You are probably well within your rights to think that you've heard these all before in the canon of St. Etienne, the Cardigans, or Camera Obscura, but if anything I've discovered that there is an almost infinite well of demand for this kind of atmospheric pop music. The Boy Who Wouldn't Stop Dreaming will find a welcome home with these addicts of gentle, melancholy music.