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If you need a little more straight-up pop, Scandinavia is still shipping it to us in the boat-load. The minute the opening notes of "Wishing Well" work their way out of your speakers, you know that Dylan Mondegreen will be attempting to charm your socks off, whether you like it or not (note to self: keep spare socks around). Admittedly, there is nothing on While I Walk You Home that you haven't heard before — heck, you wonder a lot of the time whether you've already heard his album — but it doesn't end up being too much of a detriment.

It has all the hallmarks of modern Scandinavian music: big 60's pop influences, gentle guitars, soft vocals. Dylan mostly takes from the Belle & Sebastian playbook, although "Faint Sound of Surf" tackles a sound closer to Matthew Sweet, while "That Mortal Kiss," the real gem of the album, feels more like a Fountains of Wayne outtake (is this a good thing? You be the judge.)