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OK, well, Seattle is losing the Sonics. Deal with it. Yeah, it sucks for your basketball fans, but they were the third show in town after the Seahawks and the Mariners these days anyway (and don't get at me about "the Sonics won Championships!" because yes, they did, but over 20 years ago so that doesn't mean anything now.")

However, a more pressing matter that you can do something about concerns a team that will be coming to Seattle starting in 2009. That team is the unnamed Major League Soccer team that will start up for next season, playing in Qwest Field. However, as I mentioned, they have no name so far and the team is letting Seattle vote for the name.

Great right? Wrong. When you go to vote, you are presented with 4 choices, three of which are terrible.

Choice 1: Seattle FC – If anything, it should be FC Seattle, but that is lame anyway, to mimic European League teams.

Choice 2: Seattle Republic – Um, what?

Choice 3: Seattle Alliance – What are we, naming a soccer team or a race out of Star Trek?

What does that mean the best choice, Choice 4, is? That answer is "Write in".

When I pondered this for a bit to come up wit a truly Seattle-inspired name, the choice became obvious.

If you get a chance before March 31, roll on over to the website of the MLS in Seattle and vote for a team name. My suggestion you ask? Why it is the Seattle Sasquatch. Pass it on!