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Saundrah Humphrey Math and Physics Club photo by Laura Musselman
Photo by Laura Musselman

Come to the Tractor Tavern in Ballard for a great local lineup of bands, starting with the larger-than-life orchestral pop of Bad Dream Good Breakfast, continuing with singer-songwriter Daniel G. Harmann, and including with the quirky, charming indie-rock-meets-show-tunes stylings of Curtains For You.

But ESPECIALLY come to the Tractor tonight to bid a fond farewell to Saundrah Humphrey, the amazingly talented violin/viola player who has spent the past few years playing with loads of local bands, including Math and Physics Club, Blue Checkered Record Player, and Bad Dream Good Breakfast. Tonight is her last show in Seattle, as she's moving all the way to Denmark (insert long, romantic, lucky story of love and her new life in a wonderful country that requires six-weeks vacation from work and gives everyone free health care there).

We're thrilled for Saundrah and her sweet new husband Bjorn, though we're very, very sad to see her leave. So come buy her a farewell cocktail and listen to some great music tonight!