Three Imaginary Girls

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This album from Seattle's The Fading Collection is a curious and clever series of remixes from the songs originally found on the album Interactive Family Radio. Remixers include members of Dahlia, Beehive, Kuma, and others.

The thing to keep in mind about remixes is that it's important to have a good base from which to work from, and from what I can tell—the Fading Collection have delivered the goods. Sarah McCulloch's vocals twist and turn like a angelic bird flying between Halou and Massive Attack. You can hear the wings on her voice. Although there are a few moments when the mixes move a bit too mellow jungle for for my tastes, the bulk of the time they groove with a dark pop snap like Garbage-lite, and then flow into memories of bands like Single Gun Theory. It's the shadows that breathe within the beats that keep me smiling.