Three Imaginary Girls

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If you've been in any local Seattle record store lately, you've undoubtedly seen (and possibly listened to) the fabulous new release from this creative duo, A Woman a Man Walked By.

If you've somehow missed the listening station, or if you have been grooving to this great album at home for the last month and still can't get enough (like me), then the moment you've been waiting for approaches: On Tuesday, June 16, Ms. Harvey & Mr. Parish will be playing live in Seattle at the lovely Moore Theatre!

And you, yes YOU have the opportunity to win a pair of tickets from your friends at Three Imaginary Girls! Send us an email at with PJ&JTIX in the subject line before 9a on Friday, June 12 for a chance to experience the sonic brilliance for free. Or if you aren't feeling lucky, purchase tickets now; it's going to be a great show and the Moore will fill up quickly. See you there!