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Ghost of the Russian Empire hails from Austin, Texas and released their first full-length record, The Mammoth, earlier this year. If you are one of those Radiohead fans who wishes that they had made more albums that sounded like OK Computer, then this is an album for you. From the guitar sound and effects to the indecipherable lyrics and tone quality of singer Brandon Whitten's voice, the similarities are almost eerie. Truth be told, much of this recording sounds close to the Kid A and Amnesiac sound too, but without the experimental side. Regardless, this is the Radiohead album that you have never heard.

From the acoustic based "Hammer Hands" to the drowned in tremolo and fuzz "Bleeding Machines," Ghost of the Russian Empire seem to be following some kind of Radiohead template for creating aural structures. There are some moments where they incorporate other aspects of their influences such as the lonely slide guitar on "The Black Mark," however even in this instance one can't help thinking of "How to Disappear Completely." That is not to say that The Mammoth is at all a bad record; it is actually quite enjoyable even though it is rather difficult to listen to without constantly making mental comparisons to the band that seems to be their biggest influence and inspiration.