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From Wednesday's press release:

Hello dear friends,

It is with a wee bit of sadness (but also a good helping of hope and excitement, we'll add) that we must announce the departure from our lovely city of one of the scene's (and our) tried and true favorites, The Pharmacy, as they prepare to move to New Orleans in early 2009.

We know how you're feeling. Sad. We know. We felt the same.

But here's the thing… The Pharmacy – Scott Yoder, Stefan Rubicz, and Brendhan Bowers – has contributed to Seattle for YEARS and remains one of our most active bands, which means a) they'll be back and b) it's time we share them

Still not having it? Here's what Scottie had to say about the move:

"We're totally excited about New Orleans. We took some time off there on this tour during Halloween and election night and it was amazing. During the Day of the Dead celebration some of us covered our faces with powdered sugar from the beignets from Cafe Dumone. New Orleans has such amazing musical heritage: Fats Domino, Wild Tchoupitoulas, Randy Newman… it's always inspiring to be there and this time we decided that we really want to stay!"

Asked what they'll miss most about  Seattle, [Scottie] replied: "We'll miss Than Brothers!"

We feel better already.

The Pharmacy Remains on both the Don't Stop Believin' Records and WigPR rosters, so please feel free to reach out with feedback, hate/love notes, or if you'd like to offer up your shoulder for… us to cry on.

Also – please mark two Very Important Pharmacy Dates on your calendar:

DECEMBER 31 – The Comet

JANUARY 2 – Healthy Times Fun Club (last show… until next time!)

We can get through this together.

Love & hope,

WigPR and Don't Stop Believin'

Sad! But good! But sad, still. But we *heart* New Orleans! Such a mixed bag… feel free to add comments, memories, opinions, laments… [sigh]