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Although I don't do it very often, I love whole-heartedly recommending things — like my favorite restaurants (the Elysian, Judy Fu's Snappy Dragon, Bimbo's), my favorite vacation hot spots (Mount Vernon, the Smithsonian)… and going to Matt and Kim shows. They all fill me with absolute glee.

That said, you must join me at the Matt & Kim show this Thursday at Chop Suey. You'd think after seeing them countless number of times I'd have grown immune to their infectious giddiness– with each other, the crowd, life in general. But, alas, I grow even more smitten with the duo.

And their songs! As imaginary staffer Cory Banks attested in his review of their latest album Grand, they're really good at what they do.

Champagne Champagne are starting off the Thursday night show and the evening is an all ages event (a show for everyone in your posse)!

Want a little taste of what the evening will be like? Behold, here's video of them at SXSW last year – they were the last show of the fest, and this was the last song. I tear up rewatching it — it's so ruling: