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Having laid dormant since the Eisenhower Administration, so they've jokingly put it, the Wrens have gone from surges of serial weekend tours to a full-force presence.

First, the new site, and news about some new recordings; then a headlining spot at the first NYC John In The Morning, At Night benefit (with a stupid good poster) AND spots on the Saquatch and SXSW rosters. Now, they're letting loose some old and new video cuts, with a brand-new YouTube channel. Yikes.

As a patient and loyal fan, I'm simultaneously thrilled at this burst of Wrens-ness and thrown into sensory overload. I can only imagine how it's going to go down when the new album finally comes out — I might have to book a padded room. With a stereo system. And headphones.

Here's some of the action, to save you from the jump, although I highly recommend perusing around the new site. I've been on their message board for years — I loves me a good message board, second only to my love of Yahoo! Groups (RIP). Hi, Keenan.

And, one of my old faves (not sure why it's not on the Wrens YouTube):