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If you are a Thermals obsessive like many of us at TIG (check!), then you’ve probably been counting down to this weekend for months (like me). This weekend provides you with not one but two nights to see my favorite live band ever, The Thermals: Saturday night at Neumo’s for KEXP’s Yule Benefit (sold out, 21+ with the Cave Singers, the Builders and the Butchers, and Grand Hallway) and an all ages NOT SOLD OUT show at the Vera Project on Sunday (I’m pretty sure it’s been at least since Fuckin’ A just barely came out that they’ve played at Vera). I’ve often spouted on forever about how Thermals shows are better than therapy, and how it’s impossible not to leave sweaty and bruised with a giant grin on your face. So pull out your deads roots and pull out your best suit and get ready to have fun. See you up front