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Local all-ages non-profit venue the Vera Project just announced that they've found a new Program Director. From the press release:

The Vera Project (VERA) is pleased to welcome Joshua Powell as its new Program Director effective December 3rd 2007. The Vera Project is an all-ages volunteer run music and arts venue established in 2001.  By engaging participants at all levels of music production and community organizing, Vera strives to fulfill its mission to fuel personal and community transformation through the vehicle of popular music shows produced in partnership with young people in Seattle.  Joshua Powell will co-direct the organization in partnership with Vera’s Executive Director, Shannon Roach.

Joshua brings over 5 years of non-profit experience to his role as Program Director.  Through his work with the City of Redmond’s Old Fire House Teen Center, NPower, and The Bikery he has demonstrated incredible talent for systems creation, program implementation and community organizing. In his spare time Joshua is a renowned amateur vegan chef, an avid bicyclist and a musician.

Joshua began his involvement with Vera in 2003 when Vera resided at its 4th Avenue space.  He founded Veracity, Vera’s monthly free music and dinner series; was Vera’s first Booking Assistant; and in 2006 worked on Vera’s Capital Campaign.  He has been a familiar face to Vera’s Members and Board of Directors and is a welcome addition to the staff.  His passion and commitment to Vera’s work is evident, and paired with his incredible organizational skills, he brings a great energy to Vera’s staff team.

Current Program Director Melissa Quayle is relocating to New York City in January.  To make a smooth transition, Melissa and Joshua will work closely together for 2 months before Melissa leaves Vera on January 13th, 2008.

Moving into 2008, the Vera Project is excited to bring a new staff member into the fold and continue to offer accessible programming to the all-ages community. On February 23rd 2007 Vera opened its new venue at Seattle Center. The venue is the organization’s first full-time, long-term home. The newfound stability and increased capacity of the new space gives Vera the means to serve the Seattle youth and arts communities for generations to come.

Congrats to Joshua, and best of luck to you and Vera — keep up all the good work!