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New York's fabulous The Pains of Being Pure At Heart will make their television debut on Last Call With Carson Daily on April 1st. Crazy? Some kind of April Fools Day joke? Or is this really the year of indie pop?

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart play exactly the kind of music I love, a style I generally call "leather jacket meets anorak" (punk meets jangle), reminiscent of (super early) My Bloody Valentine, Rocketship, the Mighty Lemon Drops, and all the best Field Mice songs. POBPAH play an incredibly diliberate kind of music, but it still has heart and soul and never feels forced (which, to me, is absolutely the most important part of music).

I recently had an argument with a friend about their self-titled record, which came out on Slumberland in February (a label that is now huger than it ever was, even when it was releasing indie pop classics like Velocity Girl, the Swirlies, and the Ropers) about whether or not the album is forced (I disagree – I feel it's a beautiful love letter to specific bands and eras of the C86/Creation scene), and about what would happen if all of a sudden kids in malls were wearing cardigans with My Bloody Valentine buttons, and the indie pop jangle equivalent of Candlebox were having their videos shown on MTV2. Is noisy indie pop the new fad? I guess we'll find out.

Check out their spot on Pitchfork TV (yes, even Pitchfork loves them), and download their song "Young Adult Friction".

photo by Annie Powers