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R-Day has been an annual late-summer FREE(!) celebration of Seattle music and the tasty libations since 2013; but it, like so many other cherished parties, was cut tragically short by our forced world-wide isolation. I have great news for you though! R-Day is back and better than ever this year, so we at TIG wanted to give you the skinny and spin you in the direction of Georgetown for this weekend’s event.

R-Day itself was actually started as a celebration of resurrection. In the early 2000’s tragedy struck and the iconic red R that adorned the brewery was brought down. However, a little over a decade later the sentimentally iconic character was perched above its beloved city once more and the festivities that ensued dubbed R-Day. Whether you’re trying to get out of the house to enjoy the last heaving breaths of summer, you enjoy Seattle historical trivia, or you just want to get a drink but rarely find a place where your kiddos can tag along too (babysitter, shmabysitter) then R-Day is just what the doctor ordered. With silly characters like the Wild Rainiers (think beer bottles with sassy legs poking out the bottom) and the Barbeerian roaming around and games aplenty, the whole family can find something to do all afternoon and long into the night (bed times? who needs ’em).

Speaking of entertainment, I haven’t even gotten to the music yet. There’s a killer line-up just waiting for you to show up and dance your booty off. Getting you warmed up on the dance… asphalt? is DJ Abbey from KEXP at 4:15pm. Let me tell you, she was the highlight of the weekend at Day In Day Out festival as far as DJs go. I’ve never seen a crowd get so hyped up and dance so hard in between acts at a festival before… she has a talent for getting even the biggest curmudgeon to tap their toes. Next up is one of the most underrated bands in the city the True Loves. Hugely talented gaggle of musicians whose music and soulful songs will have your hands up and swaying in no time; oh and did I mention Shaina Shepherd will be adding her amazing voice to the performance? My mind reels at the thought, get ready to be blown away. Then the party kicks into high gear with The Naked Giants and fantastic up and coming hip hop artist Travis Thompson rounding out the night; I tell you what, your feet will be gleefully sore by Saturday night but every step will be worth it.

I sure hope you’re as sold on getting down to Georgetown this weekend as I am because you’ll have a blast whether you decide to imbibe Rainier’s offerings or just enjoy the silliness that is sure to take over the neighborhood.

WHERE: Georgetown Neighborhood (5813 Airport Way S)

WHEN: Saturday 9/24 – “Doors” @ 4:30pm


DJ ABBIE (KEXP): 4:15 – 5:45pm
NAKED GIANTS: 7:15pm – 8:15pm