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Now, James got a lot of flack back in the day because they were the "sensitive and caring" britrock band of the mid '90s. They weren't badboys like Oasis, they weren't quirky proto-hipsters like Blur, they were flower-in-hair-dress-wearing-hippies. They had a US hit (albeit not even close to my favorite song by the band), they had a heart-throb lead singer with a ridiculously good voice, but mostly went on their merry way until they faded into oblivion.

Not so fast!

James will be yet another Britrock band to attempt a comeback! Hey Ma will be released in the US September 16 and will be followed by a tour of North America. So, if you feel like you've missed Tim Booth and his mates, now is your time to relive it. And if you wonder about the band live, here is my favorite James song ("Sit Down") being performed in Manchester back in the day.