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Not to make Los Campesinos our Fleet Foxes of the day (by posting and posting about them) but I HAVE to post about them this time because there's BIG NEWS to announce about tomorrow night's show.

There're some places around town that have listed Tullycraft as opening the show–but come to find out, no one ever told Tullycraft about the show so they let their well-dressed guitarist Chris Munford head off on holiday to Sweden last week (where he'll be until they head to their East Coast tour next week).

BUT, do not be dismayed — there will be a part of Tullycraft up on stage opening tomorrow night's show — a very special part actually. Tullycrafters Corianton Hale and Jenny Mears will be performing as The Special Places.

Who knows what kind of *special* surprises they are going to open the show with, but here's a sample of the duo in action at last year's Magnetic Fields tribute when Cori lead "Papa Was A Rodeo" (just imagine it without Sean singing back-up and without Chris in the background supplying some back up guitar– pretty sweet, huh?):

And who else here wants to see another Los Campesinos video? Me too! Here's a super dooooper one:


Seriously… I don't know how tomorrow night could get any better…