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Tuesday = new release day, which is generally a happy day. So why have I been so disappointed the last few weeks? I guess the weak selection just proves what everyone already knows: Amie will watch anything.

I admit it: I’m totally curious about Push. All I can think is “Firestarter meets The Matrix” every time I see the preview, and while I generally hate Chris Johnny Storm Evans, I kinda want to see what creepy woman-child Dakota Fanning is like in her awkward teen phase. I’ve been tempted since its release, and since I missed it during its short theater run (I think it lasted a full week?), I’m glad it’s out for rent now.

Then there’s Clones: A documentary that not-so-secretly scares the crap out of me. It’s about Dr. Panos Zavos, a reproductive biologist who claims to have successfully created a cloned human embryo. He and his team produce more embryos, and then claim they’ve produced a clone from cadaver tissue. WHAT THE WHAT? This doesn’t sound real, so I have to see it.

And in the “so bad it might be good” category, there’s Night Train – starring Steve Zahn, Leelee Sobieski and…Danny Glover (!??!) as strangers who just happen to find a dead guy who’s carrying a fortune in diamonds. Shallow Grave on a train? That’s kinda what it looks like:

That last one may require quite a bit of pre-funking…although Leelee looks gorgeous (as always) which might be a good enough reason to see it, despite everything else.