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1. Humpday at The Harvard Exit: This is just a great film. ChrisB & I would not lie to you guys! I LOVED the relationships in this movie (particularly the husband/wife dynamic – I heart you Alycia Delmore!), and I laughed all the way through. Director Lynn Shelton will be at the Friday & Saturday screenings (awesome). And make sure you check out Chris’s interview with her here too.

2. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure at Fremont Outdoor Movies (Saturday, July 11): The tale of a boy & his bike, the Alamo, Large Marge, neon dinosaurs, “Tequila” in platforms at a biker bar, and tons more fun stuff. “I’m a loner, Dottie. A Rebel”. It slays me every time. Viva la Pee Wee!  

3. Blood: The Last Vampire at the Varsity: I don’t know anything about this particular Anime story and I’m sure some purists will be pissed at this live-action adaptation, but I’m all for chicks slayin’ demons and kickin’ ass – plus, this trailer looks fantastic and makes me all kinds of excited:

I know the weather will be GORGEOUS this weekend, but maybe after the sun goes down y’all can get inside to see at least one of these?